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Title : [REUPLOAD] DIY Bendy and the Ink Machine Sock Plushie! FREE PATTERN! BATIM Plush Tutorial
Description : NOTICE: This is a re-upload video. Some of you may have noticed that my 'DIY Bendy and the Ink Machine Plush' video was set to private for few days. I'm terribly sorry for this and I will explain why. The reason behind this is that there was a copyright Content ID claim by a company called ScreenwaveMediaMusic for the songs that I've used in my video. If you don't know what's Content ID claim is, it basically means that the person who claimed it gets to monetize the video and earns money from it. So this means that I will earn nothing from that video I've created. The tutorial, filming, video editing and all the hard work, all GONE! And it makes no sense because because I HAVE a written email permission from the owner himself to use his songs in my video (before I publish the video). At first, I thought it was a false claim, so I contacted the owner of the song (I do not wish to name who), that I told him exactly what happened and asked if he's working for this company, just to double check. He didn't actually answer my question but he asked me to contact ScreenwaveMediaMusic directly. In order to dispute the claim, I have told the company that I have the permission to use the songs from the song owner himself. Two days later, the company rejected my dispute because they thought the reasoning is insufficient or invalid. I'm upset because repeating dispute could potentially leads to penalties against my video or even channel!

So I have sent ScreenwaveMediaMusic an email with the proof of the written permission and CC the song owner in the email as well. However, I didn't get a single reply from the company but the song owner did reply me. He told me that he has just recently joined the company; ScreenwaveMediaMusic. I kind of expected this to happen, I understand that companies could own people's song and claim copyright, but this is straight up unfair to those who used the song earlier with written permission and that the company decides to claim copyright later on and earn money out of it.
Don't get me wrong, I support copyright content 100%. All artists put 100% effort to create great contents and they definately deserve full credit from it. I understandhow they feel if their content are being used illegally and/or without credit.

This left me no choice but to remove the video and re-upload it with other songs. Oh boy, it is not easy to remove a 1.5 million views video but I've decided to bite the bullet and re-upload that video again, just because I do not wish the Content ID person to earn the revenue out of my video which I've poured all my time and effort into it.Don't be surprised if you were to see more re-upload videos in the future (which I hope it won't happen).

I hope you guys will understand the decision that I've made. I truly enjoy making contents for you guys. I may not be the fastest youtuber but I always put my best efforts into making great contents for you guys to enjoy. As you may know, I never sell any handmade copyrighted character plushies/stuffs. The templates/patterns that I've made are all free to use. Knowing that you guys enjoyed the videos or tried out the tutorials that I've made, it truly makes me happy :D. Also, thank you so much for all your kind supports! It really means a lot to me!

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Thanks to those who suggested Bendy and the Ink Machine!! This was made especially for you guys! Keep the suggestions coming!!❤❤❤

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*International A4 size

Socks - 1 pair [ black ]
Fleece Fabric [ white ]
Felt Fabric [ black ]
Stuffing [ pillow stuffing / polyester fiber]
Embroidery Thread [ black ]

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