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Title : Banjara - Clinton Cerejo feat Vijay Prakash & Nandini Srikar, Coke Studio @ MTV Season 2
Description : This song is about man's eternally wandering spirit & the spirit's constant search for peace & happiness. It's about man getting caught up in everyday travails and losing sight of the bigger picture; his larger calling his hidden potential. To do justice to these potent thoughts, Lyricist Manoj uses a verse by Amir Khusro as the alaap. Clinton takes these loaded lyrics and mixes them with a funky melody, embedding it in a pop/funk groove.

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Language: Hindi
Composer: Clinton Cerejo
Producer: Clinton Cerejo
Vocals: Vijay Prakash & Nandini Srikar
Lyrics: Tradition Lyrics and Hindi Lyrics by Manoj Yadav
Keys: Beven Fonseca
Keys: Aman Mahajan
Keys: Clinton Cerejo
Drums: Lindsay D'Mello
Electric Guitar: Shon Pinto
Electric Guitar: Nyzel D'Lima
Bass: Rushad Mistry
Indian Percussion: Aslam Dafrani
Indian Percussion: Haneef Dafrani
Backing Vocals: Lynn D'souza
Backing Vocals: Thomson Andrews
Backing Vocals: Dwayne Leroy Gamree
Backing Vocals: Crystal Sequeira
Recorded by: Steve Fitzmaurice, Ashish Manchanda (Flying Carpet Productions, Mumbai), assisted by Thorsten Muller
Mixed by Steve Fitzmaurice at the Pierce Rooms, London
Mastered by Bunt Stafford Clark at the Pierce Rooms, London.

Song Synopsis:
Chal khusro ghar aapne saanjh bhayi chahun desh,
Tu vi banjaara te saajan main vi banjaara,
Tu vi banjaara te saajan main vi banjaara,
Tu vi banjaara te saajan main vi banjaara
Tu vi banjaara te saajan main vi banjaara
Tu vi banjaara te saajan main vi banjaara
Pehen ke roj pachhaso dukhdaa,
Banaaye roj roj bigaade, kaisi ghalti mitaata hai,
Tu vi banjaara te saajan main vi banjaara,
Kahan talaashein thour thikaanaa
Ghatataa safar tooti naav par is beech dhaar mein, is beech dhaar mein,
Basaaye roj roj ujaade, kaisi marzi chalaata hai,
Tu vi banjaara te saajan main vi banjaara,
Tu vi banjaara te saajan main vi banjaara,
Kahan talaashein thour thikaanaa
Tu vi banjaara te saajan main vi banjaaraaa

Kahan talaashein thour thikaanaa

The song is a spiritual conversation by an enlightened one to a human being stuck in the
regular rut of life.

Song's Meaning:

Opening lines talk of the separation of a lover as the down breaks from his beloved, for
its time for the world to go to sleep (written by Ameer Khusro, the Indian Saint, when his
beloved teacher, his guiding light Hazrat Nizamuddin died).

Nothing in the world is stays forever; everything that has come will go. The only constant
thing in this world is impermanence, for what has come, has to go. While most beings spend
their lives building a home, looking for a secure life and family to live in, the fact is everything
is temporary. For life is a cycle of constant construction and destruction, way beyond human

This physical body that clothes our soul is very fragile. To secure it, human beings spend their
lives garnering material wealth and comforts, which in turn bring along so much suffering
and pain. For all the materials in this world can't help you get inner peace or show you the
path to "The One". While the air we breathe keeps us going, it is only a matter of time, our
bewildered hearts will stop beating , as we are all in one big queue to meet the maker. The
path is already set, and all we do in life, is create stumbling blocks, that makes the journey

At the end of it all if we realize that our bodies are just a mix of elements like earth, water
and air. And that all the knowledge in the world cannot lead us to the true meaning of life...
that the true happiness lies within us. No impermanent vehicle in life can help us sail through
the oceans of our existence smoothly, to sail smoothly till the end, it is imperative that we
surrender to the Almighty and let him guide our souls. Thinking that we control our destinies
is foolishness; we can't create or destroy anything, all that happens is a matter of his will.
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